Air Duct Cleaning

Our duct cleaning consists of a brush and negative air vacuum system that will remove debris and dust from all of the air ducts. We will clean all of the parts of the system starting from the in-take to the vent as well as sanitize the system. A non-abrasive brush is used to insure that no damage will occur during the cleaning and we also use an air compression system.

air duct cleaning

air duct cleaning

  1. Cleaning air handler unit (furnace)

  2. Cleaning furnace heat exchange

  3. Cleaning entire length of air ducts

  4. Cleaning return/air intake

  5. Cleaning registers (Vent covers)

  6. Cleaning air handler blower

  7. Cleaning A/C coils

  8. Air filter replacement

  9. Sanitizing

  10. Deodorizing


Dryer Vent Cleaning

We remove lint build-up that has accumulated over the years with a brush and vacuum system. This system works by a soft rotating brush that we move through the ducting. This will break up any lint stuck to the duct walls. Then a powerful vacuum sucks out all of the broken up debris. Once this is complete, the dryer exhaust will move uninhibited and swiftly out which can drastically decrease drying time. Having this service performed can also prevent dryer parts from burning out and having to be replaced and most importantly will decrease the risk of fire.



  • Bathroom Exhaust Cleaning

    Exhaust fans located in the bathroom can get dirty very rapidly when you have dirty air ducts in your home. Inquire about having your bathroom exhaust cleaned with your technician.

    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    The kitchen exhaust vents can become caked with grease. Even when you clean it there is still some residue left behind. Make sure you ask your technician about cleaning the kitchen exhaust vents so that they meet the white glove inspection.

    Minor Aur Duct Repair

    If one or two rooms of the house don’t seem to cool as much as the rest of the home you could have a leaking or broken air duct. Rather than replacing them they can sometimes be repaired. Be sure to have the air ducts inspected by a technician if you feel you are experiencing this issue.

    Dead Animal Removal

    If you need a dead animal removed from your property call for a free quote.

  • Water Damage Restoration

    1 Call Air Duct Cleaning offers an abundance of options in the Houston area. We can handle your needs from carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning to water removal and water damage restoration. When dealing with water damage it is imperative that it is taken care of immediately. That is why we can be available to assist you the day you make the call to our company. Water damage may not seem like a dangerous problem however, if it is not properly and fully cleaned up it can cause issues like mold and other bacteria growth. Not only will water damage cause health problems from the mold and bacteria growth it can also cause rotting of walls and floors. The walls and floors can become warped or misshaped and can actually cause holes in walls. If you are in need of a professional company to evaluate the water damage in your home, act as quickly as possible. 1 Call Air Duct is here to rescue your home, health and peace of mind.

  • Water Damage Restoration Equipment

    Did your bathtub overflow? Pipe burst? Did your house get flooded? 1 Call Air Duct Cleaning can clean up the mess with specialized equipment. Just blotting up the floors with a towel or mop does not work. It is necessary to remove not only the water but the moisture as well. We can detect the location of the moisture with our professional water removal equipment and get rid of it with our air movers and dehumidifiers. Our company will make sure everything is dry and we are able to restore belongings that may have appeared to be ruined. Once you have contacted us we will send out a qualified representative to your home to determine the damage. They will be able to provide a quote and answer any questions you may have as well as letting you know what can and cannot be repaired. Remember with water damage it is critical that you act immediately, give us a call today.

  • Carpet Cleaning

    When you are searching for a licensed and insured professional company to meet your cleaning needs look no further than 1 Call Air Duct. We have a team of specialists that have the knowledge and experience necessary to get your carpets fresh and clean. Have you just moved into a home and feel that the carpet is dirty and has an odor? Before going out and renting a cleaner and having to work for ours cleaning the carpet or worse replacing the carpet which is very costly, get a professional. We use a powerful truck mounted system that will get the work done on your carpets that is needed for removal of the dirt, debris and odors that are in the carpet. Our professionals know which types of cleaning solutions to use that will give the maximum results on your carpets. We have implemented our techniques for years which allows us to know which solutions may damage your carpeting or simply be of no use in the cleaning job at hand. This expertise is why no other company can compare to 1 Call Air Duct’s carpet cleaning.