Air Duct Cleaning Scams

Beware of Air Duct Cleaning Scams

We have all recieved that coupon in the mail or viewed the local magazine or newspaper ads on air duct cleaning for $39.99 or lower to clean the whole house. Well I am here to advise you to beware of these scams.

I am a second generation air duct cleaner who has been in the area for over 15 years. I strive to be the best in my industry and I have pride in my profession and services. When other companies try to scam consumers it angers and disappoints me.

Having been raised in the industry I know that there are multiple companies that offer great service. These scam artists have regrettably tarnished our profession. Let me explain how the scam companies work.

You, the consumer, book an appointment for a low cost air duct cleaning for the entire home. The scam begins once the companies technician arrives at your home. It starts with them attempting to sell you unnecessary services and products. I have been called out to customers homes and they tell me they have been told they need a complete new air duct system because the existing system is in bad condition as well as replacement of all air ducts. After my inspection of the air duct system, I could find nothing wrong and informed the customer of my findings.

The second paret of the scam is the “add on service”. At times these scams are added on without customer consent and other times the technician will say that a specific service needs to be performed, like cleaning a furnace, only to add on costs. High priced filters are another part of the scam. Asking if you want the filters installed and if not it could put you at risks for serious health issues. At the end of the $39.99 service the add ons that have been “performed” have now inflated the final cost.

The work that is done by these scam companies is inadequate and I have witnessed this type of work first hand. After pulling open return intake vents I have found that the ducts have only been vacuumed at arms length. This leaves the remaining dust in your vents to be circulated throughout your home. It pains me to know that there are companies out there that perform this type of dishonorable workmanship that gives the air duct cleaning profession a bad reputation.

Please view the link on my website that reveals these deceptive companies.