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Dust and debris will be eliminated from all the air ducts with the brush and negative air vacuum system. We not only clean all parts of the system from in-take to vent using a non-abrasive brush that will not damage your ducts, but we also sanitize the system. Removal of the dust and debris can aide in lower energy cost, eliminate musty odors and remove allergy-causing agents so that you can breathe cleaner healthier air. The quoted price includes the following:

  1. Cleaning air handler unit (furnace)

  2. Cleaning furnace heat exchange

  3. Cleaning entire length of air ducts

  4. Cleaning return/air intake

  5. Cleaning registers (Vent covers)

  6. Cleaning air handler blower

  7. Cleaning A/C coils

  8. Air filter replacement

  9. Sanitizing

  10. Deodorizing